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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of making your site as attractive to the search engines as possible. Ultimately, the goal is to be the top ranked site returned for your targeted keyphrase(s), without having to pay for every click-through (Pay Per Click, or PPC).

We concentrate on three distinct areas to optimize your site:

  1. Keyword Research:

    We will first research your industry to determine the keyphrases that offer the highest number of potential hits with the lowest competition. We will make our recommendations, however all data gathered will be presented so you, the customer, can make the final determination on your targeted keyphrases.

  2. Site Layout and Coding:

    Next, we will either build your site from scratch using the lowest possible code to content ratio, or re-code your existing site. The search engines want to see content so they can determine what your site is about, not a bunch of useless code. The search engine spiders cannot properly index your site if they cannot follow the navigation...we know exactly what to use and what to avoid. We will also lay your site out in a flowing, logical manner, and make use of every tag to make sure relevant keywords and content are loaded throughout your pages. We use only white hat (legal, ethical) techniques that will not get your site banned or penalized by the search engines. We will also not overload your page with keywords, a common trick used by inexperienced search engine optimization consultants that ends up hurting the site.

  3. Link Building, Article Writing, Social Media, and Blogging for SEO:

    Getting incoming links to your site is a great way to help your search engine ranking, but it is also very difficult. You want links from relevant sites that are in good standing with the search engines, not from link farms or other questionable sources. Most of our clients do not need involved link building campaigns; so far 100% of our clients were pleased with their placement after completing the first two steps outlined above. Since we take a wait and see approach rather than rushing in, it can save you hundreds of dollars in additional costs for a link building campaign you might not need. However, we still recommend having your site submitted to various industry specific directories, as well as a few of the larger, more well respected directories.

    Article writing and blogging are two other ways to help your site get noticed by the search engines. The idea is to publish timely content that is related to your site's main focus, being sure to use keyword rich links that point back to your site (or, if the articles or blog are located within your site structure, to just make sure your targeted keyphrases are used throughout). The same applies for social media: using sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Delicious to build a following of potential customers and garner more links for your site in the process.

No one can guarantee you a top organic ranking. However, from a coding perspective, we can absolutely guarantee that your site will be as attractive to the search engines as it can possibly be. Rankings will depend upon competition and several other factors, but we have yet to have an unhappy customer.

Please contact us to discuss your search engine optimization needs, or to review some of our past SEO projects and results.


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